Yoga Therapy 5 – Kosha Framework

Yoga Therapy is a multidimensional healing approach which uses the five kosha model to facilitate healing at all levels. True healing occurs when yoga therapy brings balance to all the levels of being.

Illustration by Sergio Rezek and Carlos Barbosa. Mudras for Healing and Transformation by Joseph and Lilian LePage

These koshas are:

Anamayakosha The physical body and the physiological systems
Pranamayakosha The energy body including the chakras, nadis and pranavayus ( how energy moves in the body), the breath
Manomayakosha The psycho-emotional body/ colour palette
Vijnanamayakosha The wisdom body, the deeper level of mind where core beliefs are held and can be transformed, often called the witness or observer.
Anandamayakosha The spiritual body, holding the possibility for recognizing our true nature as Unity. Also known as the bliss body.

During sessions Yoga Therapeutics utilizes a broad range of yoga tools, including yoga postures, breathing exercises, postural and gait assessment, fascial release, meditation, mudras, mantras/affirmations, therapeutic ball work, stress release, Somatics ,and personalized treatment plans to manage conditions that affect body-mind health. Yoga Therapeutics is an interactive and empowering approach to healing and serves as an integral part of any wellness plan. I also offer Thai yoga massage and essential oils. All interactions are confidential.


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